Bear65 V2 GB Cable

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Attention to details

The cable is not a normal mass-produced cable, each cable is manually made by a maker who will spend around 2 hours making it with attention to the details, stretching to test the coil, and plugin many times to make sure the integrity of the cable.

  • The coiled cable can stretch a lot and still come back to its original form, its elasticity will not be lost with normal usage after a long time, and the gap between each coil is very consistent.
  • The steps used for making a cable: add glue, heat up, add sleeve, add glue again, heat up again. With these steps, the glue can be really well mixed with a high-quality finish, to prevent the USB type-C port from shifting after repeated plugin and play.
  • The connector is used for aviator and the coating used is extremely scratch resistant.

Options, price and dimensions

Color choices:

  • Rose gold
  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Purple

Shipping details:

  • If you only order Cable (without Bear65 V2 keyboard and add-ons), your order might be shipped earlier. Shipping rate will be $17 for US (USPS), or $35 for other countries.
  • If you order together with Bear65 V2 keyboard under same email, the cable will be shipped together with keyboard.
  • In either case, shipping will be collected at fulfillment time.

Style choices:

  • Coiled ($59.99):
    • 7cm from USB-C port to connector
    • 15cm coil
    • 100cm from coil to USB-A port

  • Straight ($39.99):
    • 20cm from USB-C port to connector
    • 100cm from connector to USB-A port