Bear65 V2 GB (Ended)

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Status: GB 💸 -> Sorting orders 🛒 -> Preparing for manufacturing 🧑🏻‍💻 -> Manufacturing 🧑‍🏭 -> QC 🧐 -> Preparing for shipping 📦 -> Shipping 🚚

Estimated shipping time: 5 months for the start of shipping, which could be shorter or longer depending situations

Shipping will be collected at shipping time (ship from China HK). One keyboard is around $50~$60. If you don’t have a Bear in your order (e.g. screw tray only, or cable only), it will be $17 for US (USPS) and $35 for other countries.

Group Buy orders are final: no modifications, no merging orders with different accounts, no cancellation or refund. Any special request will result in a 10% fee on the amount refunded.

Discount for Bear65 V1 buyers: we will verify based on the V1 GB invoice and apply the discount on the shipping fee during fulfillment time, stay tuned on the exact procedure after GB. Discount amount will be $30 for v1 order containing only aluminum or PC Bear, and $50 for v1 brass Bear order. Thanks for supporting Jacky from beginning and hopefully you’d enjoy both 🐻!