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Bear65 V2 In-stock Extras: Aluminum Keyboard (2nd Batch)

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All keyboards include the carrying case, necessary parts (except stabilizes, switches, keycaps) for the keyboard.

A-stock: same grading as GB unit.

B-stock: no dent, only has small defect, final sale (will have "B STOCK" laser engraved inside the top case).

Add-on Parts can be purchased here: https://jackylab.com/products/bear65-v2-in-stock-extras-add-on-parts

Shipping is collected once shipped (starting in two weeks), estimated $50+ for keyboard and $17 for under 1kg.

Orders are final: no modifications, no merging orders with different accounts, no cancellation or refund. Any special request will result in a 10% fee on the amount refunded.