Cat65 Keyboard GB

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A collaboration between Jacky Design and their good friend :3ildcat! Using the cat as the central theme of the board’s animal-inspired design, the case was molded over an extensive design process to create a pleasantly curved board with a refined profile and a shallow angle for comfortable typing, adorned on its underside with a decorative cute cat weight in your choice of mirror PVD steel, and anodized or matte coated aluminum!

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Price: $360

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FAQ and Information

Q:Why doesn't 3ildcat post anything?
A:He is serving in the military and cannot be contacted.

Q:Is collaboration design real?
A: Yes, we came to an agreement and got his approval

Q:Is the spring easy to replace?
A:The spring is rotated and stuck on the bottom. It is relatively simple to replace. We will provide a more convenient replacement method after the group purchase is completed, so don't worry.

Q:Will the spring lose its elasticity easily?
A:It will become weaker but it takes a long time. We will give a lot more springs. After the group purchase is completed, we will continue to sell additional springs.

Q:Which surface treatment is more durable?
A:Power coated > Anodied > E coated 。

Q:Will PCBs always be in stock?
A:Would be good to take extra pcb as backup ,sometimes it wont have much extra


Prototype review and photos

More phoos:


Base Kit includes
  • Case of your choice
  • Plate of your choice
  • PCB (hotswap / solder) with Daughterboard -https://imgur.com/TI2IDDE
  • PVD SS Weight (can choose Alu Weight)
  • Nametag (FE can customize)
  • Silicon and spring(115g & 165g)
  • Case foam
  • Plate foam
  • Feet
  • Screws necessary to assemble the keyboard


  • Case Material: 6063 Aluminum
  • Typing Angle: 5.5° angle
  • Mounting Style: Spring mount
  • Weight: ~1.4KG

    Jackylab.com Exclusive - Founders Edition (FE)

    • Price: $499 USD
    • Limited to 20 Black Founders Edition Units
    • Features: High-gloss chamfers and a personalized nameplate
    • Customize Your Nameplate: Add a personal touch to your keyboard

    Special Loyalty Discount

    • Have you purchased any two products from JACKY DESIGN before?
    • Get a $50 USD discount as our way of saying thank you for your continued support! (We will apply the discount on GB shipping rate)


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    Accepted payment method: PayPal only

    Estimated shipping time: Q3 2024

    Shipping will not be collected at GB time, it will be collected at shipping time (ship from China HK). Do remember to fill in your phone number when checking out, it’s important for shipping and without phone number your order will be delayed for shipping.

    Please choose the Color, PCB, Plate options via the drop-down options.

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    ●The bottom has springs that act as support points for the positioning plate.
    ●Between the spring and the positioning plate, we've fixed silicone particles to act as buffers(both the silicone and springs are custom-made).
    ●Horizontally, we've taken measures to prevent lateral movement. This doesn't mean your inner structure will be immobile;it will only move within a reasonable range without affecting the springs.
    ●Vertically, the downward pressure ensures the springs are held firmly in place. Compared to the gasket,it offers better fatigue resistance, consistent touch, and quicker rebound. The spring is twisted and fixed to the bottom pillar (repeated disassembly might cause some wear, which is normal).We will offer two custom spring strengths.