hǎitún40 Keyboard GB All Brass

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Introducing the hǎitún, a 40% custom keyboard that's small, sleek, and smart - just like its namesake! We named it hǎitún because these beloved animals are known for their intelligence, friendliness, and agility - just like our keyboard. With its compact size and chonky design, the Hǎitúnn matches our other animal-themed keyboards and is perfect for anyone on the go. Plus, the name hǎitún is easy to remember and consistent with our naming convention. Get ready to dive into a world of productivity and fun with the keyboard!

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Quantity limited: 13

Price: $799-$859

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Base Kit includes
  • Case of your choice
  • Plate of your choice
  • PCB (hotswap / solder) with Daughterboard (production PCB will be black)
  • Inner frame (matching brass finish as the case)
  • Brass weight (matching brass finish as the case)
  • Battery (if the battery cannot be delivered in your area, you need to buy it yourself)
  • Gaskets
  • Case foam
  • Battery slot foam
  • Feet
  • Screws necessary to assemble the keyboard

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Extra Add-on Parts

Please check out this page for extra parts


  • The keyboard case is constructed using 6063 aluminum and undergoes either anodization or e-coating as a surface treatment.

  • The typing angle is set at 5 degrees, and the weight of the keyboard is approximately 2KG.

  • The dimensions of the keyboard are 313mm x 129mm x 28mm.

  • The printed circuit board (PCB) is equipped with a hotswap feature, Bluetooth connectivity, and measures 1.2mm in thickness. It is colored black with gold trace.

  • The keyboard's microcontroller (MCU) consists of either an stm32f401 and 52810(5.0) or 51822(4.0) and does not feature switches led. It supports Vial and VIA, and its firmware code is publicly available.

  • The case material is made of aluminum and brass.