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Piggy 60% In-stock Extras: Aluminum Keyboard (2nd Batch)

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A-stock: same grading as GB unit.

B-stock: no dent, only has small defect, final sale.

Add-on Parts can be purchased here: https://jackylab.com/products/piggy-60-in-stock-extras-add-on-parts 

Shipping is collected once shipped (within a week after ordering time), $50+ for keyboard and $17 for under 1kg


Firmware code for the new version of the PCB can be obtained here: https://github.com/lesshonor/qmk_firmware/tree/piggy60_fullfix (For a better diff, compare against develop: https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/pull/20297)

check the pcb mcu 
⭐ rev1 - uses an atmega32u4 with the atmel-dfu bootloader, takes .hex files, needs QMK Toolbox to flash
⭐ rev2 - uses an APM32F103CBT6 with the uf2boot bootloader, takes .uf2 files, shows up as a mass media device you can drag and drop files onto